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Cognitive Neuro-Rehabilitation Laboratory
Brain mapping group

Research activities:

  • We use the non-invasive technique of electroencephamlography (EEG) to determine the spatial and temporal active networks involved in perception and cognition in healthy subjects as well as in patients with brain dysfunctions.
  • The lab is equipped with a 128-channels EEG system (www.biosemi.com). Evoked electrical brain fields are analysed in time and in space by several methods, including the temporal segmentation and electrical source localisation procedures. We work in close collaboration with the Functional Brain mapping lab headed by Prof CM Michel, University Medical Center, Geneva. ( http://www.neurosciences.unige.ch/HUG/LaboCartographieFonctions.htm ).
  • The lab is also equipped with a high-speed eye tracker system compatible with the EEG system, allowing simultaneous electrical brain and eye movements recordings.




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Stephanie Morand
Geneva University Hospital
Service de Rééducation
Av. Beau-Séjour 26
1211 Genève 14
Tél (41-22) 382 36 40