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Cognitive Neuro-Rehabilitation Laboratory
Amnesia and spontaneous confabulation group

Research activities:

Patients having the syndrome of spontaneous confabulation confuse time and place and act according to memories, which may have justly guided their behavior in the past, but which are inappropriate for ongoing reality. Spontaneous confabulation can be considered a lesion model for how the healthy brain adapts thought to ongoing reality. In a number of clinical and electrophysiological studies, we found that this capacity depends on the anterior limbic system, particularly the posterior medial orbitofrontal cortex, which adapts (filters) the cortical representation of upcoming memories even before their content is (consciously) recognized and again encoded. Our current projects explore the fine functioning of this filter, its potential link with the so-called „reward“-system, and ways to treat patients with spontaneous confabulation. In addition, we use EEG recordings to explore the electrocortical representation of impaired, as opposed to intact, memories. Imaging studies are made in collaboration with the PET center in Zürich (http://www.unizh.ch/dmr/ext/nuk/e_funct_brain_imaging.html), EEG studies in collaboration with the Laboratoire de cartographie cérébrale in Geneva (http://www.neurosciences.unige.ch/HUG/LaboCartographieFonctions.htm)



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