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Cognitive Neuro-Rehabilitation Laboratory
PTAK Radek


Current position

Clinical neuropsychologist, University Hospital, Geneva

Maître-assistant, University of Geneva

Research interest

  • attentionnal control and orienting mechanisms in spatial neglect
  • oculomotor disturbances following cortical damage
  • optic ataxia
  • perceptual and occulomotor learning
  1. neglect rehabilitation and plasticity of human attention system


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  • René Müri (Div. of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, University Hospital, Bern): Mechanisms of attentional orienting in spatial neglect
  • Klemens Gutbrod (Div. of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, University Hospital, Bern): Decision making in amnesia
  • Claude-Alain Hauert (FAPSE, Geneva): Deficits of spatial attention and motor preparation
  • Nathalie Valenza: Deficits od somatosensory attention


  • 2003 Swiss National Science Foundation (grant 3100-100 156)
  • 2003 De Reuter Foundation (Geneva)
  1. 2005 Schmidheiny Foundation (Geneva)
  2. 2006 Swiss National Science Foundation (grant 320000-113438)

Ptak Radek, PhD
Division of NeuroRehabilitation
26 avenue beau-séjour
1211 Genève 14
tel : +41 22 372 35 24
fax : +41 22 3828 338