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Cognitive Neuro-Rehabilitation Laboratory


Current position

Maître-assistante, Geneva University Hospital

Teaching position in aphasiology at University of Neuchâtel

Research interest

I’m interested in phonological encoding in word production, and I pursue studies on phonological encoding with psycholingusitic, neurolinguistic and electrical brain mapping techniques (FNS grant).

I’m also interested in conditions for efficacy in aphasia rehabilitation and have run studies on computer-assisted rehabilitation for anomia. At present we are running studies on cortical mechanisms underlying therapy-induced recovery from anomia

Selected publications

  • Laganaro M, Alario F-X. On the locus of the syllable frequency effect in speech production. Journal of Memory and Language. Journal of Memory and Language 2006; 55: 178-196.
  • Laganaro M, Di Pietro M, Schnider A. Computerised treatment of anomia in acute aphasia: treatment intensity and training size. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 2006; 16:630-640.
  • Laganaro M, Di Pietro M, Schnider A. What does recovery from anomia tell us about the underlying impairment: the case of similar anomic patterns and different recovery. Neuropsychologia 2006; 44: 534-545.
  • Laganaro M. Syllable frequency effect in speech production: evidence from aphasia. Journal of Neurolinguistics. 2005; 18, 221-235.
  • Alario F-X, Ferrand L, Laganaro M, New B, Frauenfelder U, Segui J. Predictors of Picture Naming Speed. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers 2004; 36: 140-155.
  • Laganaro M, Di Pietro M, Schnider A. Computerised treatment of anomia in chronic and acute aphasia: an exploratory study. Aphasiology 2003; 17: 709-721.
  • Laganaro M, Vacheresse F, Frauenfelder UH. Selective impairment of lexical stress assignment in an Italian-speaking aphasic patient. Brain and Language 2002; 81: 601-609
  • Laganaro M, Overton Venet M. Acquired alexia in multilingual aphasia and computer-assisted remediation in both languages : issues of generalisation and transfer. Folia Phoniatrica et Logopedica 2002; 53: 135-144


- Cécile Fougeron, CNRS, Université Paris 3

- F.-Xavier Alario, CNRS, Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive, Marseille
- Patrick Bonin, Univ. Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand


2005: Swiss National Science Foundation (grant 105312-108284/1)

2003: Swiss National Science Foundation (grabt 105312-100741/1)


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