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Research portal

Research portal of the University of Geneva: Useful information about the research at the University of Geneva: fundings, project management, etc.

For a better comprehension, a better prevention and better treatments of diseases

No fewer than 370 research groups are active at the Geneva Medical School. Research activities are divided into fundamental medicine, clinical medicine and dental medicine, grouped in 3 corresponding sections. Through the Web site “Research” of our Faculty, you will be able to discover the projects of each of these groups, and appreciate the diversity of the topics studied.

The Fundamental Medicine Section directs its research to the function of the human body and its alterations under the effects of disease. This research takes place from the molecular level to the whole organism. The mysteries of the brain and of interconnected neurons are deciphered by the Department of Neurosciences, whereas the genome is sequenced by the Department of Medical Genetics and Development, which is also involved in the understanding of the stages of embryonic development. The immune system and cell migrations during embryogenesis or cancer are studied by the Department of Pathology and Immunology, whilst the Department of Cellular Physiology and Metabolism seeks to elucidate the cellular mechanisms implied in vascular diseases, obesity and diabetes. The Department of Microbiology and Molecular Medicine fights against viral diseases, like AIDS, but does not forget “the children of the moon”. Finally, the synthesis and structure of proteins have no secrets for the Department of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics. These themes are only a few examples of all the research projects performed in the Section of Fundamental Medicine of the Faculty, presented on the Web site by department and group.

The Clinical Medicine Section consists of groups of researchers whose main concern is the patient. Thus clinical research projects are centred around disease and patient care. The majority of these projects are located at the University Hospital of Geneva, the essential partner of the Faculty for clinical research. The groups are distributed in 11 departments as presented on this Web site. If each clinical department has its specificity, all direct their research projects towards new therapeutic solutions, improvement of tools for diagnosis, prevention, quality of care and psychosocial-oriented care.

Research activities of the Dental Medicine Section have similar objectives to those of the Clinical Medicine Section: prevention, improvement of diagnosis and care of the patients affected by dental pathologies. 12 research groups in dentistry are presented in these Web pages.

Some of the research activities are supported by institutes, units or fundations related to the Faculty of medicine in various domains. The research are connected to the ones performed in fundamental, clinical or dental research and are often conduced in multi-disciplinary contexts. The impacted resarch domain are dealing with social aspects, prevention, legal concern or the history of medicine. Moreover they focus on medical education, bioethics or bio-informatics

One of the major characteristics of the Medical School is to allow clinical and basic researchers to interact and join together their knowledge, creativity and efforts to reduce suffering. We hope that this Web site allows you to share their commitment and hopes, and that you can discover the importance of Research in furthering scientific knowledge and improving patient care.

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